Sunday, July 1, 2012

Gnomes and blooms

Got up to mow the yard today and it was actually overcast and rather pleasant outside, but by the time I got done a few minutes ago, the clouds were gone and the sun was starting to assert itself.  The yard is looking good and the temp isn't all that bad, just 93 after being over 100 by 10:00 AM the past several days.

Was out shopping yesterday, visiting a few of my favorite shops and I found a grab bag of gnomes for just $3.99, so of course they had to come home with me.  They found a comfortable home on the bench of potted plants on the front porch and have settled in nicely.

In the middle photo, you may have noticed Stapelia gigantea blooming, so here's a better picture.  This is the earliest it's ever bloomed for me; last year it didn't bloom until the end of August.  I've also never had so many blooms at one time before.

Lastly, Here's a sunflower that is blooming.


  1. I love the gnomes you found. They are just the perfect addition to your shelf. You also got quite a bargain at that price. The blooming cactus is gorgeous and so unique. thank you for posting the pictures for me to enjoy.

  2. Glad you enjoyed them. I caught "the gnome bug" this year and so far have added 10 to my yard; these are my first small ones as the others are all 8"-10" tall.