Saturday, July 21, 2012

Monsoon Dust Storm and A Man Down

We had another doozy of a dust storm this afternoon, with gusts up to 31 mph and average winds speed of 10 mph, this one came on us pretty quickly.  Managed to take a short video of it approaching before I decided the prudent thing to do was go inside. Only got .05" of rain even though radar showed heavy rain headed my way.  Watching a time lapse of the storm, it parted and went around us almost like there was some sort of force field surrounding the neighborhood.

After the storm passed I went outside to check for damage and found we had a man down.  Larry had to be taken to Scarecrow General for repair work, as the storm took him apart at the pelvis, but a quick surgery and he was back on the job.

Other than a lot of pine needles from the neighbor's tree scattered around the yard, there wasn't any other damage, so tomorrow I'll be raking up the mess and adding it to the composter.

Since the yard has been invaded by so many gnomes, I decided to go ahead and put out the welcome mat, so to speak, with this sign I found on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  Not sure if this is where it'll stay, but I wanted to get it placed before the storm hit.

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