Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today's Blooms and Another Freeloader

When we were in Prescott a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a blue salvia being used in a lot of the commercial landscaping and as much as I love the red salvia I already have, I knew I had to have this one as well.  As luck would have it, when I went to Home Depot today to get some flowers for the tipsy pot planter, as I'm redoing it with a drip system for watering, I found the blue salvia, Salvia nemorosa, I was looking for and at only $2.50 for an 8" pot, so I bought 2 (and will probably go back for more) and planted them in among the red salvia in the front flower bed.  I think I'm going to love the mix or colors; now if only I could find a white salvia.

Looks like I need to add some more mulch to this bed.

I've got two more sunflowers blooming, one's about 6' and the other is about 8'.  As soon as the seed heads are ready, I'll be pulling these up, enlarging the planter area and planting a bunch more seeds, as there should be plenty of time for another crop this year.
This is the 6' one
This is the 8' one, it almost touches the bottom of the bird house.

I found another gnome freeloading, or as they put it, homesteading, under the nectarine tree today.  He's napping after the long trek from the JoAnn's Fabric store about a mile from here.  I'm not sure what they're going to do once the pumpkin vines start getting bigger and start crowding them out.

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  1. Nice find on the Salvia, Mr. B. Your sunflowers are spectacular!!! Love the pics! TFS! Jeanne Sammons