Friday, July 20, 2012

A Busy Bee and More Gnomes

Went out to check on the gardens this morning and got this shot of a very busy bee loading up with even more pollen; there must be a lot of hungry mouths to feed in the hive.

I've been taking pictures of the gnomes in my yard, sort of like the police taking pictures of known gang members, just in case they cause any mischief in the neighborhood and somehow had forgotten to take pictures of these two.

Went thrift shopping with my wife and Kaleb and found these 3 characters for just $9, so of course they're joining the growing community in Gnomeville.  The gardeners are normal sized and the other one is a wee little guy who'll be living with his own kind among the potted plants on the porch.

These little folk are really invasive and once you let one stay in your yard, others will surely follow in rapid order.  Six months ago I allowed the first one to live in the garden and now there are 9 of the regular sized guys and 6 of the wee folks. So far they all seem to get along just fine, but I wonder if things will change if a female shows up?

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