Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mystery Half Solved

Well, the seeds I planted in the front bulb bed finally bloomed and I was able to identify them as red salvia from seed I saved last year.  If they're half as happy as the ones in the rose bed, they'll be 2' - 3' tall in no time.  As you can see, the flea beetles have been munching on the leaves, but it hasn't harmed the  plants, and since I garden organically, I'll let the beetles have some lunch.

The cannas I started from seeds last year haven't grown very much and after analyzing possible reasons, I decided their roots were getting too hot, as they were in a clay pot and the side porch gets a lot of afternoon sun. I decided to transplant them to the bulb bed despite concerns that they'll spread and take over the bed, as I can always divide and transplant or share them with my neighbors and gardening buddies.  As you may recall, they were started from seed I "liberated" from several garden centers and have no idea what color the 3 that sprouted are, so until they bloom I won't know if they're all the same color or each a different color.

We had some wind last night and the side yard is like a wind tunnel as it's squeezed between the house and a 6' block wall.  As a result, the wind blew over the red corn and I've had to stake each plant to keep them upright.  This is actually a good thing though, as it will make it easier for the green beans I'm planting today to climb up the stalks.

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