Monday, July 16, 2012

Saturday's Storm and Recent Finds

Well, we finally got some real rain on Saturday, with a total of .82" in just under an hour, the storm also packed winds gusting to 21 mph.  I went out Sunday to survey the damage, if any, and luckily only found one casualty, pictured below.  This used to hold the grapevine basket I made and planted with Amaryllis, but I should still be able to use the base for the same purpose. 

The past 2 weekends were spent browsing in antique shops and in the clearance aisles at Target and I found a few items for the garden.
A Bauer pot found in Prescott; it'll be added to the front porch with the other vintage pots
A Sascha Brastoff bowl from the erly 60's found in the house my son bought.
A Coca Cola 24 bottle tray I bought in Dewey-Humboldt that will be used to hold seed pots.
One of a pair of urns I got @ Target for just $5 each on clearance.  These'll be going in the front yard.

Here are some interesting facts about the sunflower (Helianthus annuus); it didn't get its' name because the flower reminded someone of the sun, but because of their habit of turning their flower to follow the sun. The "flower" of the sunflower isn't a single flower but actually is hundreds of individual flowers in a single head; when the seeds begin to mature, the seed head turns downward to protect the seeds from rain and marauding birds.

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