Friday, July 6, 2012

Rain, Blooms and Luau Larry

Well we finally got some rain on the Fourth, .09' according to my new weather station and it's gone back to being bone dry and hot again; it was nice while it lasted.

Despite the heat, and thanks to daily watering, there are still things blooming in the gardens.

Dwarf white ruellia
Geraniums in one of the window boxes

Mini roses just keep on blooming

Moss rose that I almost gave up on has come back

Red salvia was cut back and has started blooming again

One of the vincas I bought in Spring of 2011 still doing well

It's that time of year again, time for Larry to put a suckling pig or two into a pit and throw a luau; wonder what he's got in that coconut sippy cup?

Go antiquing up north in Prescott for the weekend hoping to find some new garden decor and did all my watering today so I don't have to rely on anyone to do it while I'm gone.  When I get back, I'm redoing the tipsy planter and putting a drip system in it so the plants will get watered better and should survive this infernal heat.  

Next week I'll be spending most of my free time helping the kids with their remodel, now that we've got the air conditioning working properly after I replaced the breaker and we had the capacitor replaced.  Got the new toilet installed, and as usual, it was a bigger job than it should've been, as the flange had to be reglued to the pipe and I had to disassemble the toilet since my son-in-law and his friend forgot to install the gasket between the base and the tank.  As soon as I flushed it, water came gushing out of the tank, all over the floor; guess they should've noticed the extra part.

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