Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Larry's New Hobby and Other Happenings

Larry's taken up yet another new hobby, butterfly collecting, but despite his best efforts, he's been unable to actually catch any, though his outfit appears to be good at attracting them.

R.I.P. pumpkin patch:  Despite my best efforts, I was unable to thwart the bug invasion and the entire pumpkin patch succumbed to the evil creatures.  It's too late to replant and have pumpkins for Halloween, but I do have some seeds for pie pumpkins and will be planting them as soon as I can put together another raised bed, since I don't want to put them anywhere near where the previous ones were.

Thanks to a link that was posted on Facebook, , I found a video on training climbing roses and found out I've been doing it all wrong by training them straight up.  It seems that by training the canes between horizontal and 45 degrees the canes will send up side stems, thereby producing more blooms.  I'll be retraining my roses soon to take advantage of this.  Here's a picture of Climbing America showing how the blooms are all on the top of the cane; once I get them retrained, I'll post a picture of the results.

Canna update: The cannas I transplanted into the front flower bed have really taken off and have tripled in height, so it looks like it was a good thing to do.  Maybe they'll even bloom this year so I will know what color(s) I've got.

Spent the Labor Day weekend travelling across the valley antiquing and thrifting and found a couple of items for the garden.  I got a cute green frog planter for only $4 and filled it with Kalanchoes for another $2. I also found a vintage pitchfork for just $15; don't know where it'll end up yet, but I'm leaning towards somewhere on the back porch.

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