Sunday, September 9, 2012

Another Milestone, A Failure and New Beginnings

Well, I hit another milestone today; 4000 pageviews, with visitors from 53 countries. When I started this blog last August, I had no idea if it would amount to nothing more than an on-line garden journal that no one but myself would look at and certainly never imagined it would garner such a large worldwide audience.  Thank you to all who've visited my little blog.

The red corn experiment has turned out to be a huge failure, as most of the ears were infected with a fungus and I've pulled the entire crop up.  Next year I'll try again, but with seeds from Native Seeds/SEARCH, , a non-profit that works to preserve native seeds from the American Southwest and Northern Mexico.  This way I can be assured of using seeds from plants that are well suited to the climate here and should have a much better chance of success.

Now that the corn has been removed, it's time to start planting some Fall crops and I'll be planting Chantenay and Danvers Half Long carrots, Crimson Giant radishes and Mesclun Mix Gourmet Greens Mixture, which includes Arugula; Green Curled Endive; Red Russian Kale; Red Romaine, Parris Island, Salad Bowl and Lolla Rossa lettuces.  

Two of my grand kids have joined the Garden Club at Redbird Elementary and I've put together a variety of seeds for them to grow, including: Sweet Basil; 3 different sunflowers; Takanotsume Peppers, aka Hawk's-Claw; Brown and Black Tepary Beans; Chantenay carrots; Crimson Giant radish; Table Queen acorn squash, Grand Rapids leaf lettuce; Flat-leaf parsley and Purple tomatillo.

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