Thursday, September 6, 2012

Even More Gnomes (and yet another dust storm)

I was out running some errands, looking for fabric to cover the bench I'm making from a pair of Eastlake side chairs I bought a couple of years ago for $10 each with every intention of re-caning the seats (but that's a story for a future post) when I decided to stop at Harbor Freight to pick up a couple of tape measures.  Of course, I had to browse through the store and I found a trio of gnomes on clearance for just $5.97, plus a drip watering kit with the in-line drippers I prefer, also on clearance at just $5.99.  Here's a picture of the gnomes in their new home.

As luck would have it, while I was in the store I got a weather alert on my phone warning of an impending dust storm, which hit just as I was getting back into my car.  Visibility was down to 1/4" mile and yet there were still idiots driving without their headlights on; no wonder insurance is so expensive around here.  Here's hoping we at least get some rain out of this; a quick check of the radar shows it's very possible.


  1. I have the trio... And bought them from the same place... We love that store.... And rain all day

  2. We got .36" here in Mesa so far today. Harbor Freight has some great deals, this trio being one of them. I'd like to be able to afford one of their greenhouse kits.