Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Path Lights and Some Plant Updates

I went to Target on my lunch yesterday, hoping they had lowered their clearance prices beyond 50%, as I have my eye on a few things, but my budget is limited.  This week's markdowns hadn't happened yet, giving me an excuse to go back on Friday, but I did pick up 6 new solar pathway lights, as the old ones, purchased on clearance at Target almost 2 years ago had seen better days.  The new ones, just $2.50 each, have a more streamlined look, and are made mostly of metal and glass, which will prevent the yellowing of the clear plastic on the old ones.  When I made a mental inventory at the store, I was 2 short and will have to go get them today, as the store was running out of them.

The old ones, showing the yellowing of the plastic globes.

The new ones, which should hold up to the elements better.

One of the cannas I started from seed has begun to bloom and now I know it's a red, but I don't know its' name.

The Stapelia gigantea is blooming for the third time this year, which has never happened before; here's a picture that clearly illustrates the attraction it holds for flies.
There were more flies, but my approach scared them off.
The unknown "volunteer" pepper that has been growing in one of the raised beds has finally set fruit and from their shape, it appears that they're habaneros, which makes me very happy.  I found several fruits and once they get a little larger, I should be able to make a more definitive identification.  

On Sunday I posted about the seeds I was planting where the red corn had been and today I noticed the first seedlings coming up through the mulch where the Mesclun Mix was sown, as well as a single radish.  Looks like fresh greens are only a few weeks away.

I also have a single volunteer cucurbite growing in one of the back beds and it's either a melon or a pumpkin, based on the round shape of the couple of fruits on the vine.  I'll post a picture if the fruits set and begin to grow.

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