Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Slinging" Fruit and A New Bloom

I've had a volunteer cucurbit growing in one of the back beds for a few weeks and I decided to train it up a tomato cage to save room; well now it's set a fruit that is about the size of a red potato and I was afraid it would put too much strain on the vine and snap off.  I remembered seeing something on the Internet about creating a sling out of an old nylon, but not having any lying around and not wanting to risk my life by using one of my wife's good pairs, I decided the prudent thing would be to use some burlap I had left over from another project. I think it came out okay, but it may need to be refined later, depending on what kind of fruit this is.  I'm thinking it's either a cantaloupe, watermelon or pumpkin.

I've planted a Hollyhock that I got at the Spring Plant Swap in one of the front beds when I brought it home and even though it was fairly late in the season for them here, it continued to grow.  About a week ago I noticed it was putting up a bloom stalk, even though it's no where near the usual height, being only about 3' tall, but today the first buds opened and now I'm hopeful I'll be able to get seed for next year.

Lastly, the Lovebirds were back again this morning and this time they invited another couple to join them for breakfast, so it looks like they may become regulars at the feeders.

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