Saturday, September 15, 2012

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - September 2012

I've decided to join the movement known as Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, during which garden bloggers use the first Saturday of each month to showcase what's blooming in their gardens; so this is the first of an on-going monthly series.  I'll start in the front yard and work my way to the back, starting with the red canna I grew from seed.  A friend in Las Vegas has promised to send me some canna seeds from her garden, so by this time next year I should have more cannas to show you.

In the same bed as the cannas, are red salvia; I don't know the name of this one, as I didn't save the nursery label, but these are second generation, having been grown from seed from the original plants I bought.

Also in this bed is Salvia nemorosa which I planted back in July.  It took a while to get acclimated, but now is thriving and I've been able to save some seed from it as well.

Next up is moss rose, which has been going almost non-stop for a year now, although I'm down to one plant and will be adding more next month once it cools down a bit.

Here are two petunias in a hanging pot, a solid purple and a picotee that's purple with white edging.

On the front porch I have a few kalanchoes in different colors and you can see a Stapelia gigantea flower bud that will open in the next day or two.

Moving to the side yard, the pickling cucumbers are beginning to produce again now that daytime highs are staying slightly below or just at 100.

On to the back yard where the second season for roses is starting up, with Climbing America, Blue Moon and the mini roses all putting on a show.

Lastly, I've been letting the sweet basil go to seed, as it attracts bees that are needed for so many other flowers in the garden.

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