Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gruesome Larry and other scary folk

Larry has moved to a more prominent location for Halloween, right behind the family cemetery.  He got tattoo sleeves for the occasion and looking at his head, you now know why he wears a burlap face cover most of the time.  He used his battleaxe to cut of Medusa's head and he's carrying his trophy around to turn any trespassers to stone.

Larry's joined by his cousin Fred, who's wearing a matching ensemble (can you see the family resemblance?) and cousin Stew, who's just hanging around.  Chuck ate all of Larry's corn, so Larry put the shrunken skulls that Cousin Fred gave him as a souvenir of his trip to Borneo in the basket instead.

 More creepiness may be in store for the future, so check back for the continuing saga of  "A quarter acre of terror!".

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