Monday, October 3, 2011


Well, I finally finished building the birdhouse condo out of old cedar fencing, with new pine for the interior dividers.  It's got six 4.5" x 7.5" units and hopefully it'll be full of nesting birds this spring.  It is going into the front eastern corner of the front yard, in the planter where the sunflowers grow so that the teepee trellis will hide most of the pole.  Since some of the sunflowers get 8' tall, the birdhouse will have to be mounted at least 8.5' up a pole.   Being next to the nectarine tree and amongst the sunflowers, it should be ideally situated to attract birds.

I had a hanging basket that was only half-full of lusciously dark purple petunias, as the other half died during the heatwave, so I filled it out with petunias in a lighter shade of purple that have the largest blooms I've seen for a petunia, then filled the empty companion basket on the other side of the shed door with the same color mix.  It'll be cool enough for pansies soon and can't wait to refill the window boxes in the front, providing color and edible flowers for salads and cake decorating.

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