Friday, October 7, 2011

Day off from the garden chores

Had some errands to do after work and then of course, had to watch the Diamondbacks/Brewers game (boo, hiss), so I took the day off from yard work and took some pictures instead.  As promised, here's a better picture of the birdhouse condo, installed and ready for occupancy.

Here's some red salvia I planted several months ago that not only survived the heatwave, but has thrived; is was two six-packs from HD.  The salvia is planted in front of my Climbing Joseph's Coat rose that I planted back in April and which is now starting to bloom again.  I love that multicolored blooms on this one.

 Here are my Poblano, NuMex Big Jim & Hungarian Yellow Wax peppers.

Lastly, here's my Clemson Spineless Okra and Yellow Tomatillo, with an unknown pepper that sprouted from the compost that was added to the pot.

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