Thursday, October 6, 2011

Birdhouse installed

The weather looked pretty ominous this morning, all gray and blustery, but it cleared up this afternoon and with temps in the low 70's, it was time to get out in the yard.  I mowed and trimmed the backyard, deadheaded the roses, transplanted some marigolds and removed suckers from the fruit trees.  In between these chores, I started digging the hole for the birdhouse pole, soaking it with water as the ground got too hard.  It's amazing how heavy a six unit birdhouse is, my guess is it weighs at least 15 pounds and I had to get it to the top of a 6' ladder on uneven ground.  After a few tense moments, I got the birdhouse to the top, then had to reach out and set it on top off the pole, lining up the threads with the mounting and slowly turning it until it was firmly seated; believe me it was hairy as I was afraid I would drop it and smash it to pieces.   The picture isn't that great, as the light was fading, so I'll post some better ones tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I sure hope you get a nice bird family moving in soon!