Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bountiful Harvest Larry

Busy weekend with the grand kids staying with us and tickets to Westside Story this afternoon, so only getting things done in the yard sporadically.

Larry spent the day harvesting the bounty of the garden and here he is showing off the results of his hard labor.  Not sure how he managed to grow Jack 'o Lanterns, but the proof is in his basket.

Meanwhile, I got the shell of the 6-unit bird house built and half the roof done; hopefully I'll have time to finish it tomorrow before we take the grand kids to the movies.  Also have some mums and petunias to plant to add some fall color to the yard.  Saw an avocado tree at HD today that I may have to buy for the back yard.

It came as quite a surprise last night, but Larry's cousin Henry showed up unannounced for a brief visit.  Seems his girlfriend left him because he's such a blockhead and he decided to travel and try to "find himself". Before he left, he posed for a photo with his creator, Morgan and her brother Logan.

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