Friday, August 10, 2012

New Addition to the Bird List

I was looking out the back window this morning when an unfamiliar bird appeared at the feeder and I grabbed the camera to take a shot, but it wouldn't digitally zoom; after fiddling with it and getting it reset, I went to take a picture and the bird was gone.  While I didn't get a photo, I did get a good enough look at it to make an identification; it was a sub-adult male Black-headed Grosbeak, Pheucticus melanocephalus.
This is not the bird I saw, but a picture of a mature male taken from the Internet.

I went to the Habitat ReStore near my house at lunch looking for one thing and instead wound up with four vintage hand gardening tools to add to my collection, and at just $1 each they were a real bargain. Now I just need to find an old frame and some old wood to mount them on, or maybe a shadow box.

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