Monday, August 6, 2012

Gnomes and Cukes

Well the little gnomes are making themselves right at home, actually they've made themselves a home; went outside and found this little house hiding among the flower pots on the porch, so it looks like they plan on staying long term.

The larger gnomes have decided that they like living under the shade of the nectarine tree in their version of a "Tramp Camp", but also felt it necessary to forewarn trespassers that they may be met with something less than a friendly greeting.

Checked on the cucumbers today and despite the heat, I found two cukes that should be ready to harvest soon, one slicing variety and a lemon cucumber.

The red corn is starting to tassel, so ears shouldn't be too far behind and this time they should all make it as I'm controlling the water and the plants are staked so they won't blow over.

Surprisingly, the roses are still blooming, although they're smaller than they were when it was cooler, so hopefully I'll get some nice bouquets come Fall.

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