Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Good Soaking Rain

I spent most of last week in Texas on business, so not much of anything got done in the garden and there wasn't much to do anyway, as the heat wave didn't break until the middle of the week.  Most everything made it through, but some of the salvias didn't make it and the geraniums look much worse for wear.

Last night we got a good soaking rain, not the usual summer downpour, but a reasonably gentle rain that soaked in without puddling for a total of .42" over several hours.  The storm was proceeded by some strong winds and two of the three screws on the bracket holding up my German flag pulled out, so I'll have to use some longer screws to put it back up.

Soon it'll be time to start putting in seeds for the Fall/Winter garden and I'm going to plant lettuce and cabbage, as well as more peppers and tomatoes, plus radishes, leeks, maybe some cauliflower and kohlrabi, so I need to build some more raised beds.  I'm also pulling out the veggies in the back yard and replacing the in-ground beds with raised ones, as it'll be easier to control the weeds that way.

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