Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cruise aftermath

We returned from our cruise on the First, 3 hours late due to a delay in Minneapolis and after being up for nearly 24 hours, we crashed in bed.  Got up late Saturday morning and I went out to survey the gardens, which despite a few stumbles, fared pretty well.  My daughter-in-law had trouble with my homegrown watering system and accidentally turned off the water to the raised beds and the corn may not recover, but the tomatoes and cucumbers are okay.  Lost a fern, a sweet potato vine and some of the cannas (maybe), but overall it was better than I feared it would be.

The cruise was fantastic and I took over 1000 photos, including flowers and trees; the tulips were so large I may never grow them again as I know I won't be able to replicate anything close to them here.

Here are some selected shots from Stockholm, Sweden

These are from Sigtuna, Sweden

These are from Peterhof, Russia

And lastly, these are from Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen, Denmark

I've collected all the floral shots in an album on my Facebook page "Mr B's Garden".


  1. you must have enjoyed the cruise.., bringing home some many beautiful pictorial memories.

    1. Loved it so much we already booked our next one while one this one; Panama Canal, 3/14, 15 nights w/6 ports of call in 5 countries. Cruising takes the hassle out of traveling as you don't have to worry about hotels, restaurants and car rentals in foreign countries. We always book our excursions through the cruise line (Celebrity) as they have plenty of options and you are guaranteed to never miss getting back to the ship on time.