Monday, June 25, 2012

New stuff and a milestone

First, the milestone; this blog has now had 3200 page views with visitors from at least 37 countries and I hope many of them are repeat visitors who find my posts interesting, informative and humorous, but unless you leave feedback, I'll never know.

Now on to the new stuff; I finally got my drill back from my son, who's been using it while remodeling their new place and so I was able to install some of my recent acquisitions, including this hand-made American Eagle I found at a local thrift store for just $3, just in time for the Fourth of July; it's displayed on the eave over our carport.

I also was able to put up the German flag my cousin and his wife gave me when we met on my recent cruise, so I can proudly declare my German heritage.

I've saved the best for last, as my wife bought me a combined birthday/Father's Day gift of a professional style weather station that records inside temperature and humidity and the following outside conditions:
current and daily high and low: 
wind speed and direction
dew point

barometric pressure charted over the past 12 hours
rainfall recorded during a single event, plus monthly and annual totals
current heat index
lowest daily wind chill

It also has time and date functions and multiple alarms that can be set to warn if the temperature falls below or exceeds the temperature I set or to warn of approaching storms.

When my neighbor did some remodeling on the outside of his house, I salvaged the carport support posts and was going to use them to mount birdhouses on, but one of them turned out to be the perfect place to mount the outside sensor.

The inside control unit receives all the data wirelessly and can be placed anywhere within 300 feet of the sensor unit, so I can put it anyplace in the house I want; it's currently in my office area and will be placed in my new office once my son and his family move into their new place.  As you can see, at 9:09 in the morning it's already 96 and very dry with 11% humidity, calm winds and a rising barometer.

Here's some pictures of the flowers I seeded a couple of weeks ago, but failed to record what they were; I think the first picture is petunias and the second is vincas.

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