Monday, May 14, 2012

European vacation Larry

Stephanie and I leave on the 17th for a Northen European vacation; 2 days in Amsterdam, Netherlands, then 12 days on Celebrity Constellation, with port calls in Warnemunde, Germany; Stockholm, Sweden; Helsinki, Finland, 2 days in St Petersburg, Russia; Tallin, Estonia; Copenhagen, Denmark and then back to Amsterdam for our flight home.  Larry is so excited he bought the flag of each country we'll be visiting; the only thing is I haven't had the heart to tell him him he's not going.  He will be staying behind to make sure my son and daughter-in-law take good care of the gardens in my absence.  He'll be even sadder to find out that they've bought their first home and will be moving out a few weeks after we return, taking our gardening buddy Kaleb with them.

Another gladiolus has bloomed today, this one is 'Plumtart'  The remaining varieties will probably bloom and fade while we're away, but Jasmine has promised to take pictures.

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