Thursday, June 28, 2012

Larry the Patriot

Larry's are dressed up to celebrate America's birthday on the Fourth of July and is planning to go to Washington, D.C. to represent the Scarecrow Patriots, of which he is the President.  He's hoping to meet the President. or at least an actor who has portrayed the President, real or fictional.  He's sending plane tickets to his friends Marty, Sal and Mr. T, and extends an invitation to all other scarecrows across this great nation to join him on the National Mall for this year's concert.

The gnomes all look up to him as their great leader.

The summer monsoons are trying to make an appearance, but so far all we've gotten the last two days is dust storms, or Haboobs as the National Weather Service has taken to calling them.  Tuesday it looked like we were going to get hit, but it veered to the east and missed us. Yesterday's was stronger and we got winds up to 21 MPH and dust for about 20 minutes, with just enough of a sprinkle to mess up the windshield on my wife's car, but not enough to be measurable by my weather station.

The approaching storm as seen over my neighbor's house; the dark band between the roof and the clouds is  the dust storm.

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