Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Random musings

While it's not officially Summer until tomorrow, it certainly feels like it anyway, with temps of 109-113 for the next few days.  On the bright side, it'll being cooling down to the low 100's this weekend with a slight chance of monsoon rains, which are desperately needed.  Hopefully they won't be preceded by another dust storm like the one we had Saturday.  The red corn I planted last week is already up and looking promising and there are a few cucumbers starting on the vines.  The flowers I seeded in the window box and bulb bed are coming along nicely, just wish I could remember what they are.  I guess I'll have to wait until they get a little bigger and/or bloom before I can ID them.

Harvested the Anna apples and only got about a 1/2 bushel this year, but if it stays true to form, next year should be another bumper crop year.  The nectarine is definitely not performing to my expectations and will be removed this winter and replaced with a Desert Gold Peach, which is supposed to be one the the most productive for this area.

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