Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Blooms and an Update on the Edibles

The glads continue to bloom and new ones are opening almost daily; too think I missed this last year when I was on vacation; so glad I didn't miss it this year.  Three of the recent bloomers are new to my garden this year, 'Blue Lagoon', 'Sun Kissed' and 'Black Walnut', while 'Peter Pears' and 'Fiorentina' are repeat performers from last year.

'Blue Lagoon'

'Sun Kissed'

'Black Walnut'

'Peter Pears'


Some of the grapes are starting to get just a hint of color and it looks like they're going to be small, just like last year, but they were really sweet and tasty just the same.

I harvested the first Anna apples on Monday, one pound's worth, and I'll soon be making apple sauce and apple butter, as this year's crop looks like it'll be the biggest ever.

The five-section tomato cage I made last year is quickly filling up and all five varieties are producing fruit. The Black Krim and Roma are on the ends and haven't taken off as well as the Aunt Ruby's German Green, Large Red Cherry and Mortgage Lifter have.  The mystery tomato that grew out of the compost last year is definitely a slicing variety, as the fruit are as big as my fist.

The one Asparagus Bean, aka Yard-long Bean, that survived the attack of the cutworms has begun to bloom and I planted additional seeds, since it seems that the Bt worked to eliminate the cutworms and the new seedlings may stand a chance of growing up to produce for me.

Due to a number of factors, the planned berry patch didn't happen, so I planted the strawberries and the Thornless Boysenberry in one of the raised beds and made a trellis out of twine and bamboo for the boysenberry to climb.

The potatoes that showed so much promise have succumbed to the heat, so I sowed seeds for Yellow Crook-neck Squash, Zucchini and a Yellow Zucchini.

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