Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Keikis, Blooms and a Load of Pallets

One of my orchids began to develop what I thought were more flower buds, as it had rebloomed once already, so imagine my surprise when the "flower bud" opened to reveal leaves, not petals.  A quick search on the Internet and I was able to determine that these are what are called Keikis (kay-ee-keys), which is Hawaiian for baby. In about six months time, I should be able to separate them from the mother plant and pot them in their own pots.  Since they are they result of asexual reproduction, they share the exact same genetics as the mother and will bloom the same color.  Blooming takes about 2 years, so for now I'll have to trust that the information I found is reliable.

The mother plant bloomed in January.

The largest of the Keikis, w/the 1st root barely visible.

There are 2 on this stem.

The cannas continue to bloom profusely and despite the many mason bees, I've only found one developing seed pod, but since they'll continue to bloom for several months, I should find more as time goes by.  The third gladiolus bloomed today, 'Traderhorn', one of the standouts from last year.  It looks like there are at least two more 'Traderhorns' about to bloom and several other flower spikes have appeared recently, but are still a few days from blooming.  The daylily continues to bloom and today there were actually two blooms open at the same time.

A swelling cann seed pod.


This photo captures the true colors of this daylily much better than the previous one did.

Today I found a listing for free pallets on Craigslist and rushed over and got 8 of them, four of which are just the right size to place between my raised beds, so now I'll have to find another use for the bricks I've gathered.  The others will be used to create a "deck" between the block wall and the brick path in the back yard.  If I have the time, I think I'll go back for more tomorrow.  Pictures will be posted once I finish the projects.

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