Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happenings 5-30 to 6-4

Despite the heat (108+ for the past 5 days) things are still blooming, especially the glads, as yet another unknown one bloomed.  The roses are also still blooming, as are the daylilies and the cannas.  I actually got some seeds from the cannas and it looks like more are developing.

Unknown glad.

A collage of all the other glads that have bloomed this year.

Climbing Joseph's Coat

A carpet of miniature roses.

I harvested more Anna apples and will be making applesauce with them and also harvested the first of the Ruby Seedless grapes, which my wife tells me were delicious.  The asparagus beans have gotten so much larger in just a few days and I'll be picking the first ones soon. Since the potatoes didn't survive the heat, I planted squash in the bed and the zucchini and butterstick have already sprouted, as have the purple tomatillos in the "salsa" bed.

Zucchini and butterstick squash sprouting.

Purple tomatillo sprouts

I found another interesting insect in the front flower bed, a Thread-waisted Wasp, Ammophila procera.

My neighbor gave me a tricycle planter that she no longer wanted that has three planters; it was a bit rusty, but I gave it a new coat of paint and looks like new.  I lined each of the planters with weed fabric attached with zip ties, then potted each with Moss Rose, Portulaca grandiflora, that should spill over as they begin to fill out.

Freshly painted and waiting for plants.

Lining's in place, now for planting.

I think it came out beautifully.

I also had purchased some plastic stacking pots a few weeks ago and after a visit to WalMart where I bought some daylilies on clearance, I found a use for them.  I planted each tier with a different variety, of which there are Stella d' Oro, Eenie Allegro and New Toy.  If they grow, then this Fall I'll transplant them into the bed with my other daylily, and if not, then at least I tried.  I may get a few more of these for succulents.

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