Monday, May 13, 2013

Blooms, Edibles and Hollyhock Seeds

As the irises are winding down after blooming for almost the entire month of April, the gladioli are just beginning to bloom, with Early Bird and one I can't identify as it isn't one of the fifteen varieties I planted, based on the packaging I saved, being the first two to bloom.  Also, a  daylily I planted back in 2011 finally bloomed this year; I've lost all documentation of the variety's name, but it's a good looking one just the same.

'Early Bird'

NOID glad

NOID daylily

Glads, Cannas and Blue Salvia in the front yard

The nectarines are continuing to grow, so it looks like after 7 years, I'll finally get a harvest, although it looks like it'll only be 3-4 dozen, which isn't much considering the size of the tree.  The habeneros have made a full recovery from January's freeze and have set fruit as have the Mortgage Lifter and Large Red Cherry; the Aunt Ruby's German Green, Black Krim and Romas are blooming, but I haven't seen any fruit yet.


Red Habenero

Mortgage Lifter

Large Red Cherry

I've been harvesting seeds from the hollyhocks and now have well over 300 of the single red and 400 of the double red, both of which I've been packaging using the seed packet template I developed back in 2011.  I've noticed some homes in the neighborhood where they're growing colors I don't have and I'm thinking about offering to trade seeds and see if I get any takers.

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