Thursday, April 11, 2013

Water, Water, Everywhere, At Last!

The taming of the backyard continues and today I installed new piping to multiply the single hose bib in the back into multiple watering stations.  I noticed when I tied the new pepper bed into the existing 1/4" drip line that it wasn't getting much water, so I figured the line was at capacity or beyond and action needed to be taken.  Using 1/2" PVC pipe, I connected to the existing hose bib, then ran the pipe along the side of the house to the corner where I used a 4-way connector so I could run three lines off of the main line, then installed water station #1 on the 1st line.  I added a "Y" shutoff valve so I can use the hose and also have a timer connected to a drip line for the hanging pots and the rose bed which was basically how things were configured before I started the project.  I ran a second line in a trench to the new pepper bed, buried it and installed another timer to water that bed, the ladder planter and the other three beds I'll be building.  I ran the third line along the back of the house, installing a tee at about the halfway mark for a future line to additional beds that are planned and capped off that line, then did the same at the terminal end, where I installed another timer to water the potato patch, which also wasn't getting enough water.  Whereever I installed a new timer, all I had to do was cut the existing line at its' new terminus and add a line plug, then connect the remainder of the line to the new timer.  I didn't bury most of the line because it's up against the house and we get below 32 so seldomly that I'm not worried about freezing.

Water station #1

Water station #2

Water station #3 and the potato patch.

I also decided it was time to relocate the Aloe vera, as it was out of proportion with the other plants in the wheelbarrow succulent garden, so I planted it up in a pot I bought several months ago on clearance at Target, even though I had no clue at the time what I'd use it for.

I planted some dwarf sunflower seeds in a hanging basket next to the ladder planter on Sunday and already 2 of them have sprouted!

We had very windy conditions on Monday with gusts up to 30 mph here at the house and despite the wind the only damage was the loss of two hollyhocks, but there are still ten left, so I guess it could be worse.  The cannas are getting ready to bloom, which I find amazing since only 2 1/2 months ago they pretty much died down to the ground due to the "Big Freeze".  

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