Monday, April 15, 2013

More Blooms, Spring Swap 2013 And Taking Care of The Goodies

The blooms are coming fast and furious now that Spring is definitely here, so here's some eye candy for you.

Blue Moon rose

Blue Salvia, Salvia nemorosa


Climbing America rose

Climbing Joseph's Coat rose

Miniature roses

Amaryllis 'Red Lion'

Siberian Iris

Rose Garden

Once again the Spring Swap, held this past Saturday, was hosted by Linda and Ken, and once again the pizza was outstanding. It was great catching up with old gardening friends and meeting new ones, my grandson Kaleb made a new friend and I managed to snag a few great plants.  As evidenced by the next photos, I'm not the only one who's garden is bursting with color; these are all from their front yard.  I got so caught up with catching up that I forgot to take any photos in the back yard, which is equally as impressive.

I got a Kalanchoe (plus one for my neighbor) and Stapelia variegata from Jackie, and three plumerias, E.T. MardiGras, Danai Delight and Novelty from Mike.  The plumerias were well established, size wise, but weren't potted and had been transported all the way from Yuma, AZ with their root balls and soil contained in plastic grocery bags, so I had to find something to plant them in.  Since I already had lots of redwood boards, I decided to make planters today.

Here is my set up for cutting the boards to length.

Here I've laid out the materials for a planter.

Side panel completed

One planter completed.

Bottom view showing the notches for the legs.

Inside lined with landscape fabric to keep the soil in.

All three planted and placed on a pallet.
I'll be adding more pallet "decking" as soon as I can find more free ones.  I laid weed blocker fabric under the pallet to try to keep the grass and weeds at bay.  The ladders were a dumpster find and the planters on them were seeded with thyme and tarragon.  Everything is on a timed drip system so watering is a breeze.

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