Monday, April 8, 2013

Pepper Plot and More Blooms

Spent some more time cleaning up the backyard and decided that the small strip of garden there just wasn't sufficient, so the plan is to add raised beds in it's place; instead of having 12 square feet of planting bed, I'll wind up with 40 square feet of raised beds.  I built the first one, using the same technique and materials as all the others I've built, the only adjuestment was the dimensions, which are 5' x 2' x 1'.  Using the "square foot gardening method" I can sow 10 different types of seeds in each one.  This one was planted primarily with peppers, with the list consisting of Pasilla Negro, Pimient de Esplette, Uba Tuba, Sweet Banana, Shishito, Takanotsume, one I saved seeds from that I no longer remember the name of, and Peter pepper.  The planting was rounded out with Purple Tomatillo and a NOID slicing tomato.  The Peter pepper and NOID tomato seeds were to me by my friend Marie Niemann in the Salt Lake City area.

The 1st of many planned raised beds in the backyard.

There are lots of things blooming, or about to bloom in the garden, so let's take a look, starting with the backyard.

Culinary sage

My neighbor's vine coming over the wall.

Red salvia came back from last year.

Miniature roses

Blue moon rose.

Climbing Joseph's Coat rose
Now to the front yard for more blooms and some fruit.

Amaryllis getting ready to open; I need to do something about those ants!

Salvia nemorosa.

Double hollyhocks

Found one stalk of singles among the doubles.

Last year's free irises in bloom.

Grapes beginning to bloom.

Cannas have bounced back from the freeze and are ready to bloom.

Looks like I'm finally going to get some nectarines.

Even after thinning them ,the Anna tree is loaded with apples.

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