Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Catching Up with Larry

It seems I've been remiss in keeping everyone up with Larry's wardrobe changes lately, so let's catch up on his looks for March through today.  First we find Larry shilling for this blog, hoping to entice more people to visit, Since there were no crops to protect, he needed to earn his keep somehow.

Next we find Larry celebrating St. Paddy's Day wearing the green and enjoying one of Ireland's most famous exports, Guinness.

Gotta love the hat.

Here's Larry, once again helping the Easter Bunny hide all those eggs and he's so good at it, you probably wouldn't have known it was Larry if I hadn't spilled the (jelly) beans.

Lastly, here's Larry posing for "Hawaiian Gothic", a modern interpretation of an American classic.

Hang loose, bro.

I promise to be more timely with my Larry updates from now on and hope you'll forgive me for my tardiness.

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