Friday, April 19, 2013

Blooms, Sprouts and Fruits

There's a lot going on right now here at Mr. B's, with stuff blooming, sprouting and setting fruit left and right.  Let's start with the blooms, beginning with the new stuff and ending with some updated photos.

Climbing Don Juan; bought what was labeled as CDJ last year that turned out to be something entirely different,  but this year they got it right.

The 1st chive blossom of the year; I always let them go to seed.

The 1st sunflower of the year getting ready to open

Daylily scape from one I'm not sure the name of.

The plumeria I bought last fall is leafing out.

The cannas are really going strong.

The irises are in full swing.

And now to the sprouts; not pictured are the potatoes, of which 11 have sprouted and one is almost ready to bloom, and the tomatoes and habaneros shown in an earlier post.

Lemon grass I bought at a local market, beginning to root.

Marie's NOID tomatoes

Peter pepper, also from seed Marie sent me.

Purple tomatillo

Uba tuba peppers; can't wait until I get some fruit to show you.

And last, but not least, the fruits, all of which are in the front yard.

Anna apples, ready to pick in about 6-7 weeks.

Ein Shemer apples, my 1st crop, also ready in 6-7 weeks.

Grapes, Red Ruby Seedless, I believe; should be ripe in early July.

Eureka lemon, won't be ripe until Fall.

I found out my daughter's favorite flower is sunflowers, since they remind her of her Great-grandmother on my wife's side, who always has lots in her garden.  Since she's away on a cruise she won at work, the grandkids and I are going to surprise her by building a raised bed in her front yard and planting it with a dozen different types of sunflowers; pictures in my next post.

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