Thursday, May 10, 2012

Surprise storm and it's aftermath

Tuesday night the weather forecast on the local TV station I watch called for a slight chance of scattered thunderstorms in the late afternoon or evening, mainly to the east of me, so when I looked out around 3:00 PM to see gathering darkness approaching, I was a little surprised.  When I checked the weather on my computer, radar showed a line of storms bearing in my direction and the National Weather Service had posted alerts for blowing dust, strong winds and the possibility of nickel sized hail along with heavy rain that could produce localized flooding.  About 3:30 the winds started blowing with gusts strong enough to almost blow me over, so I retreated to the back porch which was protected from the wind and used the time to gather Stock seeds from pods I'd been drying for about a month.  Around 4:00 it started raining, it wasn't constant but ranged from a drizzle to a downpour. I really wish I already had the digital weather station I'll be getting next month so I'd know how strong the wind was and how much rain we got.  This morning I went out to check on the damage, if any, the storm had caused.  The bowling ball gazing ball was knocked over, Larry lost his beer bottle and the corn was blown over, but otherwise everything else was fine.  Considering the winds were coming directly at the side yard, I was expecting more damage and was especially concerned about whether the bamboo tomato cage would hold up and it came through with flying colors.  I used leftover pieces of bamboo to prop up the corn that was damaged, but 2 stalks were broken and beyond repair; I'm hoping they might regrow since the roots are still intact.  

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