Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bathing gnomes!

I watered the trees and beds that aren't on a timer today and when I went out to move the hose from the nectarine tree, I had quite a shock, as the gnomes had moved from the front porch and were wading in the waist high water, either cooling off or taking a bath, I'm not sure which.  The one with the ukelele must not know how to swim, because he was only getting his feet wet.

I found this rusty milk can at a yard sale Saturday for $5 and filled it with mulch, then placed a Yucca recurvifolia 'margarita' in it and I think it looks right at home.  I'll probably place it next to the wheelbarrow succulent garden.

The grapes are getting to the point that they actually look like grapes and so far I've only seen one Western Grape Skeletonizer Moth (killed it) and one leaf with WGS caterpillars on it, but I've got to stay vigilant or they could get out of control really quickly.  Just hope they don't show up while I'm on vacation the last two weeks of this month.

The Heatwave dahlia is really blooming now; it takes forever for the blooms to fully open, anywhere from 4-7 days.  I'm still waiting on the Peaches & Cream dahlia to bloom.

The cucumbers and pole beans I planted in the raised beds are coming up, the red corn is starting to get tassels and about 1/2 the tomato seedlings survived transplanting, which I expected and that's why I planted 10 of each variety.  Peppers, eggplant and tomatillos will be transplanted into raised beds this weekend, as will basil and tarragon.

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