Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden update 5-8-12

On the floral front, the geraniums in the window box are settling in nicely, the roses continue to bloom, the 'Heatwave' dahlia is blooming better than I could have hoped for and the vincas have come back.  I'm still waiting for the 'Peaches and Cream' dahlia to bloom and the gladioli and iris are both almost ready to bloom; the iris looks like it will be deep purple.

The veggies in the raised beds are doing well and the red corn is already getting tassels.

The tomatoes and onions in the first bed that got planted are doing very well and the Sweet 100 is getting to big for its' cage already; picked the first 3 tomatoes and ate them on the spot and man were they good!

The cucumbers are coming up and some are getting their first true leaves, so hopefully we'll be eating lots of cukes this year.

Most of the peppers failed to germinate and I have more volunteers than ones that were planted on purpose.  I will probably place another order with NMSU's Chile Institute and direct sow the seeds in a raised bed when I get back from our cruise.  I'll have to leave watering instructions with my daughter-in-law for the plants that aren't on a timed system, as she's more likely to follow through, otherwise I'll come home to a lot of dead or dying plants.

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