Friday, April 13, 2012

What I've done this week

Now that Little League has started and I got roped into helping my daughter coach Logan's t-ball team, plus going to Morgans' softball games, I've had less time to spend in the garden lately.  Despite that, I've managed to spend 2-3 hours each day on basic maintenance, such as mowing, trimming and weeding, the nuts and bolts of gardening, as it were.  I also built the third raised bed and planted 20 bare-root Albion strawberry plants and crossed my fingers that they'll come up bless me with lots of berries.  I made a birdbath out of a plastic pot tray and some chain, but the birds didn't seen interested, so now I'm using it for a large feeder for the doves, since the cats make it dangerous to feed on the ground.  I fill it with all the seed the birds drop to the ground from the 3 hanging feeders.

Not much new in the floral department, except for the roses, which are outdoing themselves this year.

Hopefully the rain predicted for tomorrow won't be enough to keep me out of the garden.

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