Friday, April 27, 2012

Blooms around the neighborhood

Not much happening around here today, as there were things diverting my attention from the gardens, so here are some photos I took in the neighborhood yesterday of cacti and aloes.  Most of them were taken of plantings in a strip of land between the sidewalk and the parking lot at Kleinman Park about a 1/2 mile from my house; I pass this park almost daily and decided I needed to get my camera after I noticed the profusion of Saguaro blooms a few days ago.  Amazingly, the shot is of blooms on a limb only about 5.5' off the ground, while the limbs on most Saguaros are at least 8' up the main stem or "trunk".
Unknown variety of pencil cactus blooming @ a house on the next block

Saguaro blooming in Kleinman Park near my house; notice the bee in the lowest bloom.

Hesperaloe blooming, also in Kleinman Park

Opuntia ready to bloom @ Kleinman Park

Another Opuntia in Kleinman
This last one's from my front yard, Dahlia 'Heatwave'; it was taken about 8 AM today before it had fully opened and as you can see, it will be the first of many.


  1. Thanks for sharing the beauty!! Brian :-)

  2. Nice photos,thank you for allowing us to get acquainted with your Neighborhood.. :))

  3. Very pretty Brian, love the saguaro blooms!