Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blooms and other happenings

Well it's heating up with a forecast high on Saturday of 99 and 100 on Sunday, but for now it's gardening as usual.  With the exception of the Climbing Golden Showers, the roses continue to put on a show, especially the miniature roses from the 99 Cent Only Store.

Here's a yellow bloom from the Climbing Joseph's Coat; I don't remember any this color last year.

Some of the established plantings are blooming as well, here's the sage I transplanted from the front yard to the back when I planted the Ein Shemer apple in January.

This is the Little Pickles I planted on 3/29.

Here's the Basketball Plant in the wheelbarrow succulent garden.

The grape flowers (I believe this is Ruby Seedless) are finally opening and are really unassuming.

The lettuce in the window box was beginning to bolt, so I pulled it and went to Home Depot to look for something to plant in its place.  They had zonal geraniums in 4" pots for 5/$10, so I bought 4 red, and 3 each in pink and white.

I'm expecting the Freesias and Dahlias to bloom soon, as well as the chives and the pomegranate, but still no sign of blooms on the alliums.

I finally got all the weeding and trimming done, so I had time to build another raised bed; this one has a trellis of 1" x 2"' as a frame for green plastic garden fencing that the cucumbers can climb up; will post a picture after it gets planted.

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