Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Recap + 1

Didn't get much done in the garden this weekend, as it was time for some Spring Cleaning in the house, although I did manage to get in some "junkin" at the flea market held in the parking lot of a local antique mall, plus a stop at Saver's.  At the flea market we bought a Fiesta Disk Juice Pitcher in yellow for $30 ($75 retail), a vintage 3 drawer dresser with hutch for Kaleb's room in the new house they'll be moving into next month and this Hoosier Boy Greenhouse Tomatoes vintage cardboard basket for my basket collection.

At Savers I found a vintage vase and although the price tag covered the maker's mark, for $4.99 it was a piece I wanted.  After getting to the car and removing the price tag, my wife and I tried reading the maker's mark and finally after several minutes, we realized to our delight that it was a Weller piece and not a California pottery piece as I first thought.  We've been collecting Weller for several years and this is a great addition that now resides in a glass case with the rest of our Ivoria pieces.

Went out on my morning rounds today and found that the daffodils and tulips in the bulb bed have begun blooming.  So far all but one of the tulips is red and the other is light purple, so I'm hoping there will be other colors in the days to come.

Spent the time between the end of the work day and time to go to coach T-Ball to mow the back yard and start putting together the PVC components for the new water line to the side garden.  The line will end in a timer controlled four outlet spigot with each spigot able to have its' own time settings, allowing me to water 2-3 raised beds at a time without worrying about diminishing water pressure.  Each bed will be outfitted with 1/4" soaker hose so all the plants will get watered without having to flood the bed and since the hose will be covered with mulch, watering time and intervals can be minimized.

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