Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New water line is done, yeah!!

Got the new water line completed and after a few missteps (I forgot to glue a few joints and the connector to the hose bib was faulty and had to be replaced) it passed the leak test.  Installed the 4 station timer and ran 1/4" drip line to the 2 completed/planted raised beds, then ran soaker line in a "U" shape directly on the soil between the 3 rows of plants in each bed so that everybody will get water directly to the root zone, then covered the hose with mulch.

I connected the new line to the existing hose bib using a "Y" connector so I could still use the hose.  The timer in the picture is used to water the potted plants on the front porch.  I then ran the line up against the house at ground level and used wire stakes to keep it in place, making it easier to make future repairs when needed.

The line was raised to about 1' up the wall past the point where the new gate will be, so that I can add more raised beds and place them right up against the house.  The 4 station timer is heavy, so I used a "T" to run a piece of pipe with an end cap to the ground to support it.  It will be in between 2 raised beds which are not yet built, but will be soon.  

Here are some photos of the tomato and sunflower starts in the seed greenhouse; looks like the next project after planting the grapes will have to be getting the sunflower bed done.

Lastly, here's a picture of the latest gnome refugee to arrive in my yard which has become a gnome sanctuary of sorts.  This guy arrived after being purchased from my not-so-secret source for many of the antiques and collectibles in my collections,


  1. Great job! The idea for the 'T' support is a good one.

  2. Cheap and practical is the only way I can afford to add to my obsession, I mean garden.