Wednesday, February 15, 2012


After reviewing the performance of the seed starter, I decided to move it to a sunnier location, as I realized it was in shade for too long in the AM and PM; the new location should get 2-3 times as much sun and I expect the seeds will start sprout at an accelerated pace.  This of course means I'll have to speed up construction of the raised beds to accommodate all those expected seedlings.  I put more seeds in the greenhouse today: Sweet Corn "Sunglow"; Lime Basil; Purple Tomatillo; Peruano Beans, both black and brown varieties; Red Corn; Thyme; Sweet Basil; Tarragon; and Rosemary.

Had rain and temps down to 38 last night, with more rain forecast for tomorrow, as well as more lows in the low 40's, which is good, as Winter has been mild so far and we need more chill hours (hours below 45) for the best production from the Anna apple.

Made a salad for lunch and put some of the giardiniera I made back on 12/2 in it; the vinegar has mellowed and the heat level is just right, so I'd rate this a success.  Now I'll have to try some of the pickled hot peppers and okra I made as well.

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