Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The many moods of Larry

Not much happening in the garden right now, mostly just waiting for the seeds to sprout, though I'm still harvesting peppers and snow peas.  The Ein Shemer is starting to get some leaves, so it seems to have made it through the transplant okay.  Some of the bulbs are pushing up, so hopefully blooms aren't too far away.

Since there's so little to report, I thought I'd take a look back at Larry's many moods since he came to live in the front yard back in August of 2011, so without further ado, here's Larry!

Chilling on the golf course in August
Celebrating Labor Day
Hunting in September
Celebrating the Harvest in October
Scaring up good times @ Halloween
Honoring the troops on Veteran's Day
Bringing home dinner @ Thanksgiving
Looking for Santa
Delivering the Baby New Year
Heading off to Aspen for Winter Sports
Spreading the love for Valentine's Day
There's almost enough shots for a calendar; think he'll have one for 2013, as long as the Mayans are wrong about that whole end of the world thing in December.

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  1. Nice, Brian, I even missed a few of these,...don't know how. This is great fun for your grandkiddies, I bet. Sue