Monday, February 20, 2012

Finally, the bulb bed is planted (and nearly finished)!!

After epic delays due to weather, work and family obligations, the new bulb bed is finally fully planted and nearly finished.  The plant list is as follows:

Tulips - Darwin Mix - 130
Daffodils - Prince Edward - 45+ (I was able to split some bulbs, so I'm not sure exactly how many there were)
Freesia - Mixed - 35
Ranunculus - Mixed - 20
Crocosmia - "Emberglow" - 10
Gladiolus - 6 each of the following:
Peter Pears, Fiorentina, Super Star, Plumtart, Lavender, Flowersong, Traderhorn and Early Bird

That a total of 280-290 bulbs, which should make for quite a powerful display.  Since I finished planting as darkness approached, pictures will have to wait until tomorrow, after I give the bed a good soaking to allow the soil to settle and then fill in more soil as needed, and finally, mulch it with bark to keep the cats from using the bed as a potty.

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