Monday, February 13, 2012

Invasion of the Lawn Ornaments

In my last post I mentioned that I had added a Foo Dog to the garden to protect against the invasive gnomes and provided a link to a Youtube video; well, the Foo Dog has been demoted to simple garden ornament status after allowing two gnomes to invade the garden over the weekend.  I found them trying to blend in to the front porch and then noticed they'd invited a couple of pink flamingos to join them.  Hopefully, this isn't the beginning of a full scale invasion.

In all seriousness, the flamingos were added to the Ein Shemer tree well in hopes of detering cats from using the mulch as a potty; if it works, more may pop up throughout the garden.

I witnessed an "invasion" of a more welcome sort yesterday when for once I actually had my camera at the ready.  For the past several weeks I've had a hummingbird visiting the back yard, but never had a camera handy, but yesterday, within a few minutes of refilling the feeder, not one, but two hummers visited the yard!

And, lastly, an update: the Echeveria "Dondo" I planted back in September has its' first pup, so I must be doing something right, as this is only the second succulent I've owned and it seems to be thriving.

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