Friday, December 21, 2012

Rhythm Of The Birds

I've noticed a definite rhythm to the activity at the feeders, starting with the Eurasian-collared doves at first light and a few sparrows and finches mixed in.  Around 9:00 AM, the lovebirds usually make an appearance and by mid-morning the doves are pretty much gone and have given way to House Sparrows and House Finches, with the occasional Lesser Goldfinch making an appearance.  By Noon, the Eurasian-collared Doves have rejoined the sparrows and finches, as have lots of Inca Doves and a few Mourning Doves; an Anna's Hummingbird usually pops over for a quick drink around this time.  By 1:00 PM the birds have all left and there are only sporadic visitors until 3:00 PM, when the doves, sparrows and finches return, often joined by Red-wing Blackbirds and one or two Curved-bill Thrashers.  By 4:00 PM only the sparrows and finches remain and by 4:30 PM, everyone has headed to their roosts for the night.

Lunchtime rush.

The feeders all filled and ready for diners.

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