Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Merry Christmas from Santa Larry and Mr. B's

The bum knee slowed me down, but it couldn't stop me from decorating inside and out for Christmas.  Larry got into the spirit of things by being the neighborhood Santa this year.

The yard decorations include lights on the house, a couple of inflatables and some classic plastic blow mold pieces.

Santa Larry with a stack of presents and one of his reindeer.
Inside the house there are four Christmas trees, a western village and a Christmas village, as well as a festive mantle piece.  The main tree is in the family room and is decorated in silver and gold with an initial for each family member and ornaments we picked up on our travels.

The 7.5' main tree where all the presents go.

All lit up and ready for presents.
The living room hosts 3 trees, of which two are themed; it also houses the Christmas village.

The 6.5' frog and gnome tree.

Kermit the Frog as Santa.

The "family tree" with ornaments for each family member.
The gnome butler with a tray full of goodies.
Here are pictures of the Christmas Village, going left to right; it's almost 8' long and includes 16 buildings, 18 trees and a cool billboard.

Back in the family room we find the 8' mantle and the western village.

The hotel was free Wi-Fi.
Santa Kermit in his sleigh.

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