Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2012 in Review

Now that 2012 has come to a close, it's time to reflect on my successes and failures in the past year.  This blog has grown to almost 5000 pageviews, with readers from 71 countries, all of whom hopefully found it entertaining and informative.  The "Cult of Larry" has grown and for the first time, I produced an official Larry the Scarecrow calendar, unfortunately to less than rousing interest.

In the garden, I added an Ein Shemer apple tree and hope to get my first crop in 2013.  Speaking of apples, this was an off year for the Anna tree and it only produced about a 1/2 bushel of fruit.  The grapes produced for the first time and I harvested about 10 lbs of deliciously sweet grapes. Once again the cucumbers failed to produce, so I'm going to rely on the grocery store for them from now on.  I got the first lemons from the Eureka tree and they're just about ready to pick.  The habaneros and Takanotsume peppers both produced well and continue to do so.

I started feeding birds in 2012 and had 15 different species, including 5 species of doves, 2 species each of cowbirds and finches, lovebirds and 5 other various bird species.  I'm going through 20+ pounds of mixed seed and 7+ lbs of nyger seed each week and am spending $60-$70 a month, so it's not exactly a cheap hobby, but one I really enjoy.  I'm participating in Project FeederWatch and have averaged 11 species during each 2 day observation period.

I didn't get anywhere with the planned east side yard gate, due to lack of time and a bum knee, but the knee should be repaired soon and I plan of getting the gate done shortly thereafter.  I lost all of the daffodil bulbs, either to rodents, bugs or rot and the tulips weren't especially impressive, especially after seeing them on my Baltic trip, so I'm giving up on them.  However, the Gladioli and Dahlias did well, so I'll be planting even more this year.  I lost some plants due to watering issues, so I need to expand my automated watering system to include the trees and all the planters.

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